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►Develop Business Strategy for Your New and Current Products.

►Establish Requirements Definition, Product Design, Product Life Cycle.

►Align Products and Development with Your Business Strategy and Objectives.

►Develop, Enter an International/Global Market with Our Expertise.

►Strategic Value Criteria in Your Outsource Decisions. 

   Wisdom to Know when to, and not to, select outsourcing. 

►Develop Value From Your Employee's Business Knowledge and Intelligence.

►Develop, Add Value to Your Supply Chain. 

►Develop, Apply Appropriate IT Strategy, Technology, RFID Technology.

►Custom e-Business for Your Business Information & Communication.

►Aligned Your Business, Data, Information System, and Security.

►Develop L5 (Collins, Good to Great) Competitive Advantage, Organization,

   and Process Improvement.

►Develop and Apply Lean, TQM, Six Sigma, Continuous Quality Improvement.

      -   Certified, Proven Six Sigma, CPIM, CIRM Expertise.

►Forensic Process Analysis of What Happened and Tactics to Fix It.

►Add More Value to Your Non Profit Business, Foundation, Association.







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Service Commitment to You

We are Focused on Growth of Your Business.

Our High Quality Services, Experienced Professionals in Business, Technology, Engineering, and Management Leadership, with Industry Competitive Pricing Provide Real Competitive Advantage for You and Your Firm

  • We take pride in our ability to produce real, visible improvements fast. But we are just as proud of the way we can help you to build on those improvements. Whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, we will assess, plan, and implement for our clients, then support and coach them until they understand, buy in and do things differently. That way, we leave a lasting legacy of success.

  • We identify every point where our functional expertise and experience can complement your strengths and culture. Our guiding principle in implementation is getting it done, and done right, with integrity.  Every other consideration is secondary. We will use any tool, our own or others’, to ensure optimum results.

We offer special services for non-profit organizations, since these organizations above all others exist to serve the community




Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

CPIM is the APICS Operations Management Association certification awarded for excellence in Production and Inventory Management skills

CIRM is the APICS certification awarded for excellence in Integrated Resource Management