Salient Global Resources LLC


New Oil Drill Rigs to 9000M, Work-over Rigs, Pipe, and Equipment

American Designed to All API Standards.  Offers to You Low Competitive Operation and Ownership Costs

  • Proven State of the Art, American Design.  Currently in use by many International and USA Drill Rig Operators.

  • Quality Manufactured to Meet/Exceed All API Standards, Your Delivery Expectations, Operational Costs, and All Human, Safety, Environmental, and Quality API Standards.

  • Drive system designed by ABB.  AC-DC VF Drive or AC-SCR Drive Systems.

  • Completely Integrated and Optimized Digital Controls, Electrical Drive and Transmission, Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Systems.

  • Superior Usability and Maintainability, Modular Design, Common Interchangeable Parts, Vertically Raised Substructure.

  • Excellent Diagonal Drilling, Short Distance Movement, Ease of Rail or Land Transport. 

  • Automatic Single Shaft Draw Works, Integrated Cabin with Single Operator Controls.

  • State of the Art Networking, Satellite Uplink Communications, Drilling Status and Data Acquisition.


Results Focused on Excellence, Your Requirements, the Environment, and latest Technology SM